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Doncaster Railway Heritage Centre

An announcement was made in July 2017 for a proposed new museum complex that will see four existing buildings (Doncaster Central Library, Doncaster Archives in Balby, Doncaster Museum and Art Gallery and the Library Services for Schools at Top Road, Barnby Dun) consolidated into one dynamic central hub. The new space will help support the local and creative economy, by providing opportunities for young people, entrepreneurs, businesses and residents to develop skills that help build a successful career.

The aim is for the striking building to have the space and facilities to display exhibits from the Doncaster Grammar School Railway Collection. 


Let’s get Cock O’ The North built’

The Trust aims to display a structure which is recognisable as the basis for a locomotive and will be assembled over time. Considering all options for the build sequence it was decided that a ‘bottom up’ approach would enable the construction to be best visualised alongside computer graphics animation. The foundation could be a rolling chassis but as this is estimated to cost over £900,000, it has been broken down into three achievable phases.

Phase one is to build a free standing set of frames.

This requires the existing frames to be machined, including the drilling of over 1,000 bolt holes, milling of surfaces to align with the stays and profiling the edges for wheels, bearings and cylinders. We require the manufacture of the 12 connecting stays together with the drag box and buffer beam. To complete the free standing frames, the engine buffer beams are added along with additional brackets required for mounting the running gear, boiler and bodywork.

We are launching ‘Sponsor a Component’ funding for Phase One, offering you the opportunity to contribute to the Cock O’ The North display.

Frame Machining

Drill a hole’ – for £10 per hole donation, you will receive a copy of the frame assembly drawing indicating where the hole(s) are located. With over 1,000 holes to be drilled we look to raise £10,000 before closing this sponsorship.

To donate go to ‘Drill a Hole’ in our Shop by following the link.

Buy a Bolt’ – for £10 per bolt donation, you will receive a frame assembly drawing indicating all the bolt holes where the bolts will be used. With over 1,000 bolts to purchase we look to raise £10,000 before closing this sponsorship.

To donate go to ‘Buy a Bolt’ in our Shop by following the link.

Machining Fund’ – we need to raise £25,000 to proceed with machining the existing frame plates such that stays may be bolted in place and form the free standing assembly. In addition to the drilling above, the machining will prepare the edge profile and mill the surfaces for mating with the stays. We are offering supporters who make a donation of £100 or more by either one off payment or covenant the opportunity to have their name included in a roll of honour and receive a Sponsor certificate.

To make a one off donation in our Shop, please follow the link.

To make a covenant please download the attached  MACHINING Standing Order Form (please look in you Downloads folder), print it and forward to the Trust as instructed.


We have a range of components required for the free standing frames, with differing values. You may choose the component and sponsor its manufacture by a one off donation for the full cost or by covenant. If you wish to make a donation contribution of £100, we will allocate your cash to the next component on the list and inform you. In return all sponsors will receive a copy of their component drawing and receive a Sponsor certificate along with having their name included in a roll of honour. A list of the components and manufacturing costs are shown below.

To make a one off donation in our Shop, please follow the link.

To make  standing order payment please download the Component Sponsor Form(please look in you Downloads folder), print it and forward to the Trust as instructed. For any questions about sponsorship opportunities, please contact donations@cockothenorth.co.uk.


Phase Two is to install the running gear. This will require the manufacture and installation of the wheel arrangement including the Cartazzi axle, pony truck and wheels with the associate axle boxes, springs and hornblocks. Phase Three is to install the cylinders. The engineering team has decided to incorporate 3 cylinder blocks into Cock O’ The North design instead of the original mono-block in order to simplify long term maintenance. The cylinders blocks will need to be manufactured and installed.

The build plan comprises four subsequent Stages:-

Second Stage – the complete motion gear, braking and platework.

Third Stage – the boiler, smokebox and assembly.

Fourth Stage – the tender.

Fifth Stage – the electrical and control gear. The build plan allows for overlap of activity depending on raising the necessary funds to complete Cock O’ The North. By becoming a Sponsor you will help progress this fantastic project.

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