Doncaster P2 Locomotive Trust

We are a charity dedicated to building a streamlined L.N.E.R. class P2 No. 2001 Cock O' The North in Doncaster

‘Cock O’ The North’ is an iconic steam locomotive, regarded by many as a ‘lost wonder’ of Doncaster’s famous railway works which truly represents the town’s rich rail heritage.  The Trust aims to bring this locomotive back to the public, to create employment, promote tourism and put money into the regional economy.

The Doncaster P2 Locomotive Trust is a registered educational charity (number 1149835). No member of the management team takes a salary, so your money goes to where it should – building the locomotive. The management committee does not seek celebrity, reward or self-promotion by involvement in this project, they merely want to enjoy the pure pleasure of seeing ‘Cock O’ The North’ steam into a station near you one day.

Help make this possible by supporting us and bring back ‘Doncaster’s Lost Locomotive’ to re-create a legend.

Trust Management

The Trust is a registered Charity with nominated Trustees.  The Trustees oversee the operation and direction of the volunteer team to provide governance structure.  All members of the Trust are volunteers which ensures all funds raised go into building the 2001 ‘Cock O’The North’.


The team of engineering volunteers are responsible for re-creating the original LNER design drawings into CAD documents for modern manufacture. Specialists in aspects such as the boiler and electics support the detail design to create the necessary documentation for design approval.

Project Management

The stated intention of the projects is to build the 2001 ‘Cock O’The North’ in Doncaster using as many regional engineering services as practical.  The Project Manager faces the task of coordinating activities over multiple suppliers and ensuring the products come together in a synchronised build sequence and satisfy both engineering and financial requirements.

Fund Raising

A project of this nature is fully dependant upon funding to drive investment and dictate the build timescale.  Fund raising must be coordinated over multiple sources from selling merchandise, membership and sponsorship to grant application.

If You Can Help With Any Of These Functions Please Contact Us

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